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The General auto insurance has been helping folks save money on their car insurance policies throughout the United States for more than 10 years. At SkyBlue, General auto & motorcycle insurance policies are some of our best selling products. We are licensed and authorized to sell General auto insurance in more than 25 states throughout the country, but this site is for sales of CaliforniaOregon, and Washington state insurance policies from The General.

We’re not sure if it’s the affordable rates, excellent customer service, or the dependable coverage that people like so much, but one thing is for sure- The General can whip your unruly car insurance coverage into shape in as little as ten minutes. Call today to learn exactly why SkyBlue Insruance Agency Inc. has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and how we’ve been saving people money on their General Car insurance policies for several years.

Call today to learn exactly why SkyBlue Insurance Agency Inc. has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and how we’ve been saving people money on their The General Insurance policies

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Auto Insurance Options


The general specializes in affordable auto insurance, and affordable motorcycle insurance policies. When it comes to financial responsibility requirements, The General can often sell you a policy that meets your states liability limits for less than other companies.

Bodily injury liability insurance by the general pays for any injuries your driving may cause other people. This includes hospital bills, physical therapy and any other reasonable and necessary medical treatment. Most states require specific amounts of bodily injury liability insurance for either injuring a single person, or a group of people.

Property damage liability works the same way as bodily injury, only the insurance benefits from the property damage portion of your policy must be spent entirely on the repair or replacement of someone else’s vehiclestructure, or personal effects there-in. If you careen off of the road into someone’s house or RV, your property damage liability coverage will pay for the property damage you have caused up to your property damage liability limit.

Other liability limits apply in states outside of the west coast. All auto and motorcycle insurance policies by The General meet state liability limits. The General also sells fuller coverage however for people who want to be protected from more than injury or legal action.

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Collision insurance from the General will protect you from paying for property damage to your own vehicle in the event of an accident.
Collision auto insurance pays for property damage to the vehicle or personal effects there-in of the policy-holder. This type of coverage protects your property regardless of fault.

If you cause a serious accident in your Mercedes: Your liability insurance will pay for the injuries and property damage to the other vehicle, while your collision insurance on your car or motorcycle will pay for your damaged or destroyed property.

Any bodily injuries you sustain will be paid for by either your health insurance plan or the other persons liability coverage.

Collision auto insurance from the General protects  your vehicle and property from damages that result from a lane departurejunction collisionanimal strike, or roll-over.


Comprehensive auto insurance is what some consumers formerly referred to as full-coverage insurance. This however is a misnomer considering the fact that there is NO auto insurance policy that protects you against ALL possible outcomes.

In reality, comprehensive insurance policies from The General protect the property of the policy-owner from a wide range of seemingly random sources of risk or peril. Some of the damage sources for which you may be awarded comprehensive insurance benefits include but are not limited to : falling objectsmissiles (toys, fly balls, etc.), hailstonesfire, and vandalism.

Commercial Insurance Options

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The General also offers top-of-the line commercial auto insurance policies on almost every conceivable type of vehicle.

Odds are if you use a cartruck, or tractor trailer to make money, we can get you General commercial auto insurance at an affordable rate.

There aren’t too many people looking out for you when you run a small business, and having commercial auto insurance from The General on your side in the event of an accident can make your job managing a business a great deal less stressful. Call us today to learn more about commercial auto insurance options. 1-800-771-7758

Motorcycle Insurance Options

The general was a street-wise biker before he became the disciplined and professional insurance industry mascot he’s seen as todayHis rough’n’tumble past and his striking resemblance to Orange County Choppers-founder Paul Teutul Sr. mean that The General insurance company sell motorcycle insurance that bikers can get behind.

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Motorcycle insurance options are similar to those for automobiles and we sell all lines including liabilitycollision, and comprehensive motorcycle insurance. There are some differences between motorcycle insurance and auto insurance when it comes to options however.

Certain specialized motorcycle insurance options are only available on certain models and years, so please call us during regular business hours at 1-800-771-7758 to learn more about how a General motorcycle insurance policy can help you or your family save money on motorcycleATV, and RV insurance coverage.

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SR-22: Financial Responsibility Insurance

The General is especially good at connecting high-risk drivers or those with D.U.I. or D.W.I. violations with affordable SR-22 filings or safety responsibility insurance policies. These policies are designed to provide an extra layer of accountability to the authorities when a driver is considered particularly risky to insure- and they can cost an arm and leg if you don’t go through an insurance provider  like The General .

For more information on SR-22, or FR-22 filings and insurance polices from The General please call us during regular business hours at 1-800-771-7758, or click on any of the free quote buttons on this page.

General Insurance Options

There are many types of vehicular insurance. To better familiarize our customers with their options, we’ve provided the links below. These links will redirect you to further information on the common types of insurance including liability, collision, and more. Many insurance options and their availability change from one insurance carrier to the next, so keep in mind that when buying an insurance policy, it’s best to first speak with a qualified insurance agent in order be sure of how the rules will apply to your vehicle (s).




>Other Options

Recreational Vehicle & ATV Coverage

The General can cover everything in your garage- not just your car and motorcycle.

When it comes to the great outdoors, many people choose to enjoy them with big-people toys like RVsATVs, campers, and other types of trailers and toy-haulers.

Fortunately for the vehicular-outdoorsmen/ women- The General also offer affordable insurance policies for recreational vehicles of every shape and size. That’s right!- General RV insurance can protect you even when you are out on the road in that big-ole boat of a Winnebago.

The General even offers ATV insurance coverage for the stuff you keep in the back of your fifth-wheel. You can cover all of your ATV, UHV, and dirt bikes with one convenient policy through The General. Call today to learn more and get free General insurance quotes 1-800-771-7758.

If you want to protect yourself from the expensive costs of these types of incidents, get yourself some West Coast Auto Insurance. If you would like SkyBlue Insurance to help you find the best rates from the top carriers, go online and get a West Coast Insurance right now! It’s totally free!

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