6 Common Auto Insurance Claims

West Coast common auto insurance claims | Popular car insurance claims on west coast

Owning a car comes with numerous liabilities out in the world that threaten your vehicle’s safety. You could practice safe driving habits as much as you want, there will still be times where you will experience a loss that you will have to claim on your West Coast Car Insurance policy. The best way to prevent these accidents is to be aware of them. Below, we have compiled the most common auto insurance claims.  

  1. Parked Cars- They don’t move but somehow get caught up in collisions and insurance claims. Whether someone collides with your parked car, scrapes it, or bumps it with a car door, your insurance claim should be able to cover the damages
  2. Rear-End Accidents- These are the most common of all claims and can happen for numerous reasons. Usually they happen when a driver is stopped at a light or in stop-and-go traffic where someone is not paying attention to the road ahead of them. If you have good collision coverage, you insurance should be able to handle these repairs.
  3. Whiplash- This is injury is usually caused by accidents and sudden stops. The sudden movements that occur during these incidents can cause sever neck and spine pain. Good coverage can help cover medical bills to treat this injury.
  4. Theft- Unfortunately, we live in a world where crime exists. Car theft is a very common claim that West Coast Auto Insurance answers to. If your car is stolen, comprehensive insurance will pay for the replacement value of the vehicle after you pay the deductible.
  5. Windshield Damage- Windshield damage doesn’t just only occur during accidents. Windshields can also be damaged by animals, fallen branches, or hail. One of the most common causes of windshield damage, though, is rocks. Even a rock as small as a grain can cause a small crack in the windshield.
  6. Back Injuries- Back injuries are another common insurance claim. They can be caused by sudden stops or jolts from being rear-ended. Having medical bill coverage on your West Coast Car Insurance policy!

The claims mentioned above are ones that insurance companies receive the most. They are ones that you as a driver are most likely to encounter. If you want to protect yourself from the expensive costs of these types of incidents, get yourself some West Coast Auto Insurance. If you would like SkyBlue Insurance to help you find the best rates from the top carriers, go online and get a West Coast Auto Insurance right now! It’s totally free!

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