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Oregon Liability Insurance 

The information in this section pertains to the liability insurance laws of OregonEvery state has different liability insurance laws which determine what is required of drivers in order for them to drive legally there.

Oregon does not require auto insurance to register a vehicle, a fact which could be a blessing or a curse.  This means that you can get away with driving without insurance in the state, however, if you are caught driving without insurance or are convicted of a crime which is punishable by SR-22 obligation- your are subject to a mandatory minimum  liability requirement of $200,000  per accident towarsd bodily injuries.

The most affordable option for proving financial responsibility and avoiding costly run-ins with law-enforcement is usually a liability auto insurance policy- and Oregon is no different.

Bodily Injury Liability Limits:

In Oregon the liability insurance works a little bit differently. 

Oregon Bodily Injury insurance must be capable of providing at least $25,000 towards the bodily injuries of a single injured party, or at elast $50,000 towards the total medical & funeral costs for any number of people. 

This coverage is inflexible and only applies to other parties. This means that under no circumstances will your liability auto insurance pay for your injuries in Oregon if you caused the accident that injured you. 

Othe parties injured by your driving who are awarded any auto insurance benefits under the Bodily Injury Protection portion of your insurance must apply all of those funds awarded towards reasonable and necessary treatment for their injuries, or funeral arrangements for the deceased.

Property Damage Liability Limit:

Oregon has a low property damage liability limit of  $10,000 per accident. 

If you get in an accident with someone in Oregon, your property damage liability coverage must be able to provide the person whose property you damaged with at least $10,000. Any damages you have caused above and beyond the limit up to which your provider has insured your vehicle can still legally be sued for by injured or loss-suffering parties. 

Despite the relatively low liability insurance limits of Oregon, most competent insurance agents will recommend a liability auto insurance policy which will award injured parties up to $300,000 per accident for costs due to bodily injury, and up to $100,000 towards property damage or vehicle loss. This type of policy will help ensure that even if you are involved in a serious accident, you and your family will be free from legal consequence. 



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Insure your Oregon boat, yacht or personal watercraft through SkyBlue today. We can save you money while u enjoy yourself on the water! What's the point of having that old boat in back if you never take it out? Get free quotes on Oregon boat insurance from SkyBlue today by clicking on the button above. 

Already the largest provider of insurance for PWC (personal water craft) in the nation, SkyBlue is also starting to insure a growing number of boat-owners with SkyBlue boat insurance.

When it comes to billing and service options, we offer many of the same options on our boat insurance that we do on our other insurance products. As always, the more vehicles you insure with us, the more discounted your insurance policy will be when you check out. Call us today to learn more about insuring your boat or personal watercraft through SkyBlue and SkyBlue! 1-800-771-7758.



West Coast car insurance is your portal to free quotes on Oregon auto insurance. We can also get you the lowest monthly rates on Oregon auto insurance by letting you compare the most competitive quotes yourself.

This website is one of many that are privately owned and operated by the SkyBlue Insurance Agency Inc. SkyBlue is a licensed and authorized insurance agency that sells property and casualty insurance lines in more than two dozen of the United States. 

Call us at 1-800-771-7758 today to get free quotes started on any vehicle in Oregon instantly. You may also click on the button beloe to visit our free Oregon auto insurance quote form. Call or click today and you can print your own proof of insurance in as little as 5 minutes!



Auto Insurance Options

Basic passenger auto insurance from SkyBlue satisfies your legal obligation to insure your vehicle, as well as protecting your wallet from costs due to repairs, hospital bills and in the worst cases funerals.

Liability auto insurance is the portion of this coverage that meets state requirements. Your liability insurance is the portion of your auto insurance policy which allows you to demonstrate financial responsibility for any damages you may cause other drivers or their vehicles while you are operating yours.

Collision auto insurance protects you from paying for property damage to your vehicle in the event of an accident regardless of who is at fault. If you get in a car accident without collision insurance, chances are your medical bills will be paid but not the bills for the repair of your vehicle. If you really like your car, or wouldn’t to be able to afford a new one if you were involved in an accident, this coverage is for you.

Comprehensive insurance options from SkyBlue will protect you against seemingly random sources of damage. Things like falling objects and wind damage are covered under various provisions of a comprehensive auto insurance policy.

Motorcycle Insurance 

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SkyBlue works with the top motorcycle insurance providers in the industry. Together, our motorcycle insurance providers are responsible for almost 100% of all motorcycle insurance policies in the nation. Considering our method of insurance sales this means that when you buy motorcycle insurance through us, syou get to let the top rated insurers compete for your business. When you shop with us our free quotes guarantee that you get the best deal possible on your motorcycle insurance.

We offer all of the same insurance coverage options on motorcycle insurance that we offer on automobiles. We also offer special motorcycle insurance options to cover your personal effects like your apparel and your helmet.

Click on the button below to get free quotes on SkyBlue motorcycle insurance.

Commercial Auto Insurance

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Commercial auto insurance is also available for most types of vehicles. If you use it to do business, we can get you commercial vehicle insurance coverage by SkyBlue on anything from a small pick-up truck to a tractor trailer.

We work with Progressive- the third largest comemrcial auto insurance provider in the country, and other commercial insurance providers to bring our customers the best deals on comercial auto insurance in Oregon


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Oregon has some of the most beautiful coastline and forest land in the country. Locals enjoy the bounty of locally harvested mushrooms and many famous ski resorts dot the Oregon mountainsides. If you have an RV, it can take much of the guesswork out of a Ski-trip to Oregon. And if you buy insurance for your recreational vehicles through SKyBlue- we can take the guess-work out of shopping for RV insurance. 

For those of you that choose to enjoy the great outdoors from the conveniece of an RV- our Oregon RV insurance offers from SkyBlue can make your road trip that much even more leisurely.

SkyBlue carries top-notch insurance products and packages for fifth-wheel trailers, motor homes, converted buses,campervans, pop-up campers, travel trailers, toy-haulers and more. If you have any questions about our recreational vehicle insurance options please call us at 1-800-771-7758. We can get you insured in as little as ten minutes and you can save all Summer long on fun with your family.