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We are proud to bring drivers in the state of California free quotes on commercial and passenger auto insurance policies from SkyBlue.

SkyBlue is an innovative auto insurance company that has been selling auto insurance online and over the phone for almost 10 years. In that time we’ve earned multiple sales awards and sold more auto insurance policies in California than anywhere else. We also carry motorcycle insurance from multiple carriers for the state of California. That includes vintage motorcycles and other collector cars that may be worth a great deal more today than when you bought them.

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California Auto insurance Options

Any passenger auto insurance from SkyBlue will meet your legal obligation to prove your financial responsibility. It will also protect your wallet from costs due to repairs, hospital bills, and in the worst-case- funerals.

Liability auto insurance

Liability auto insurance is the portion of your auto insurance coverage that you are required by law to have. Your liability insurance pays other people for any damages or bills for which you are found liable. If you are liable for something, that means it is your fault, or that the responsibility for avoiding the accident would have fallen upon you. Having the capability to pay for your actions behind the wheel of your vehicle demonstrates financial responsibility.

There are other ways to demonstrate your financial responsibility in California, but liability auto insurance is usually the most affordable.

Collision auto insurance

Collision auto insurance protects you from paying for property damage to your vehicle in the event of an accident regardless of who is at fault. If you get in a car accident without collision insurance, chances are your medical bills will be paid but not the bills for the repair of your vehicle. If you like your car, or wouldn’t be able to afford a new one if you were involved in an accident, this coverage is for you.

Comprehensive insurance options

Comprehensive insurance options from SkyBlue will protect you against seemingly random sources of damage. Things like falling objects and wind damage are covered under various provisions of a comprehensive auto insurance policy.

bodily injury liability

The bodily injury liability portion of your auto insurance policy will pay for any medical billstreatment costs, or funeral costs resulting from the operation of your vehicle. The other half of your liability insurance will be your property damage liability coverage. Property damage liability will pay for any damage you do to someone else’s vehicle or personal effects there-in.

California Commercial Auto Insurance

SkyBlue commercial auto insurance is available for most types of vehicles. If you use it to do business, we can get your commercial vehicle insurance coverage by SkyBlue on anything from a small pick-up truck to a tractor-trailer. SkyBlue is the third-largest commercial auto insurance provider in the country, and their commercial insurance policies will work for most small businesses.

Commercial Auto Insurance

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California Motorcycle insurance Options

California motorcycle insurance

Over 1 million people have already selected SkyBlue motorcycle insurance to protect them on the road.

SkyBlue Auto Insurance

SkyBlue is the largest motorcycle insurance group in the country and when you purchase a SkyBlue motorcycle insurance policy through SkyBlue you also get an agency that will be in your corner if there are problems with your policy. We offer all of the same insurance coverage options on the motorcycle insurance that we offer on automobiles. We also offer special motorcycle insurance options to cover your personal effects like your apparel and your helmet.

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California RV Insurance

California is a great place to go camping! If you have a recreational vehicle it’s even easier to get in on all the action with many state beaches and parks to entertain the whole family. An RV takes much of the guesswork out of the outdoors, and we can help you take all of the guesswork out of insuring that RV- our California RV insurance offers from SkyBlue can make your road trip that much even more leisurely.

SkyBlue carries top-notch insurance products and packages for fifth-wheel trailersmotor homesconverted buses, campervanspop-up campers, travel trailerstoy haulers, and more. If you have any questions about our recreational vehicle insurance options please call us at 1-800-771-7758. We can get you insured in as little as ten minutes and you can save all Summer long on fun with your family.

RV Insurance

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California Liability Insurance

The information on this page pertains to the liability insurance laws of California. Every state has different auto insurance laws. Laws pertaining to auto insurance are usually called ‘financial responsibility laws

These financial responsibility laws outline what each person must do to drive their vehicle legally in the state.

California offers statutory alternatives to liability insurance, meaning that you aren’t necessarily obligated to purchase an auto insurance policy per se. California law enforcement requires proof of financial responsibility to drive legally but accepts several different forms as proof including certificates of deposit with the proper authorities.

The most affordable option for proving financial responsibility for most kinds of vehicles is to buy a liability auto insurance policy. Liability auto insurance must meet at least 3 criteria in every state: Bodily injury (individual award), bodily injury group (any number of people/ injuries), and property damage liability.


Bodily Injury Liability Limits:

The bodily injury component of California liability insurance pays for medical bills or funeral costs resulting from your actions behind the wheel. 

California Bodily Injury insurance must be capable of providing at least $15,000 towards the bodily injuries of a single injured party or at least $30,000 towards the total medical & funeral costs for any number of people.

This coverage is inflexible and only applies to other parties. This means that under no circumstances will your liability auto insurance pay for your injuries in California if you caused the accident that injured you.

Other parties injured by your driving who are awarded any auto insurance benefits under the Bodily Injury Protection portion of your insurance must apply all of those funds awarded towards reasonable and necessary treatment for their injuries, or funeral arrangements for the deceased.


Property Damage Liability Limit:

California has a low property damage liability limit of $5,000 per accident.

This can be a problem. What it means to consumers is that they don’t NEED to pay as much for their liability insurance in California because a lower liability limit means a lower monthly premium. But the bad part comes in when you get in a car accident in California with a 1.2 million dollar Ferrari on the Pacific coast highway. The driver is legally allowed to sue you for the difference in property damage between your coverage limit ($5,000) and the actual damages to the car (about a million dollars).

Despite the very low liability insurance limits of California, most competent insurance agents will recommend a liability auto insurance policy that will award injured parties up to $300,000 per accident for costs due to bodily injury, and up to $100,000 towards property damage or vehicle loss. This type of policy will help ensure that even if you are involved in a serious accident, you and your family will be free from legal consequences.

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California Boat & PWC Insurance

Insure your boatyacht, or personal watercraft through SkyBlue today. Together with our specialty insurance providers, we can save you money while u enjoy yourself on the water! What’s the point of having that old boat in the back if you never take it out? Get free quotes on California boat insurance from SkyBlue today using our insurance quote request form.

We work with the largest providers of insurance for boats & PWC (personal watercraft) in the nation. These lines are some of our newest coverage options but we are quickly picking up more and more watercraft insurance clientele.

We offer many of the same billing and service options on our boat insurance that we do on our other insurance products. And as always, the more vehicles you insure with us, the more discounted your insurance policy will be when you check out. Call us today to learn more about insuring your boat or personal watercraft through SkyBlue and SkyBlue!

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