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Get free West coast auto insurance quotes in just minutes through friendly and bilingual agents. We offer free insurance quotes on auto and motorcycle insurance from all of the providers below and more in less than 10 minutes- even if you've gotten a DUI and are looking for an affordable SR-22 filing. 



Desert landscapes, mountain ranges, national parks, and the unforgettable Pacific Coast highway are just a few reasons why owning a classic car can be even more enjoyable in the golden state.With respect to your auto insurance coverage however, these same factors mean more travelling and more time at risk of an accident.

West Coast Car Insurance (WCCI) offers free car insurance quotes from leading insurers, and we can get you the best car insurance that money can buy at an affordable premium rate that won't break the bank.

So before you hit the road in your pristine 1955 Chevy Nomad station-wagon, make sure to call WCCI and our professional insurance agents with 'SkyBlue Insurance' for auto insurance quotes, car insurance quotes, other types of auto insurance, and particularly classic car insurance.




Below are a few tips on caring for a classic car, or any car that is important to you. We've also included a list of some of the best scenic drives in our state so that your biggest worry while cruising, is running out of gas.

pristine teal Chevrolet Nomad 1955

 Never leave home without these items in your classic car.

Modern vehicles are dependable, but classics may not perform at 100 percent all of the time. These common items can help save you a whole lot of heartache. And if you prevent accidents or damage this way, these items might help you save on the premiums of your auto insurance policy, or make those premiums lower when you renew your  car insurance policy.


Recovery Strap:  This item is the most specific to classics on this list.

If your car ever breaks down and you need to have it towed, the towing

company will often use chains or sometimes ropes to secure the vehicle. 

Both of these alternatives can damage the car, the most forgiving way

to yank your baby up onto a tow-truck is with a nylon recovery  strap.


Digital power station: these portable power packs can charge your

battery or jump-start a car instanly after a dodgy battery terminal or day

at the car show saps your cars battery. These can cost up to 200$, but

models like the Stanley 5-in-1 digital power station are affordable, 

practical, and multipurpose.


Hand Tools: Seriously, if you managed to buy a classic car and don't

know why you need hand tools (pliers, a ratchet, tire iron, screwdriver

etc.) then you're probably the type to measure once and cut twice. 

Furthermore, if you don't know HOW to use hand tools, just go ahead

and click here, because you DEFINITELY need full-coverage as your

car insurance policy.


Spare Parts: If you can at all afford the space, a bin in the trunk with

parts can be essential. These parts don't have to be brand new, they

are simply "just in case" the piece installed on your rig breaks or

becomes an issue at high mileage etc. (when you change your fan-belt,

toss the original one in the trunk if it's not broken) 


Clean rags and some overalls: These are just in case you're out in

your nice car in a nice outfit. This is often the case in whether

you're cruising the coast with your significant other,or heading down to

the boardwalk to socialize. The towels can be used to grip lubed parts, or

 protect  your clothing. Overalls are just in case you have to go under

the car. (beware that working under your car on the roadside is a situation

which may or may not be covered by your auto insurance policy OR

your medical insurance policy. for a free auto insurance quote or

to learn more about how to cover your whole lifestyle, give us a call today 

and speak to one of our helpful agents about your current car insurance

car insurance policy and how we can get you into a custom tailored car

insurance policy.)


Fire Extinguisher: A $30 fire extinguisher can save you thousands

in repair costs from even a small engine fire. It just makes sense, and

god forbid there is an accident this may help even more.


INSURANCE: Here's where we come in. Despite all of the proper


sometimes accidents happen. Seing as how you're baby is probably

worth more than your commuter-car, you don't want cut-rate insurance.

But because you're obligated to have insurance, it might as well be as

affordable as possible right? 


West Coast Car Insurance is operated by SkyBlueinsurance Call SkyBlue today at


We can protect any vehicle with as much or as little coverage as you need, which includes covering the ACTUAL REPLACEMENT VALUE of expensive or classic cars.  To find out more about how we can keep your convertible cruisin', give us a call today!


 Best Drives: 

chances are you've seen this places in movies, and maybe even your dreams. 

PCH: between Carmel and Morro Bay. 

Silverado Trail: This trail is best for wine-lovers. It snakes through 26 miles of vineyards.

Death Valley (hwy 190): This trying journey is not for the faint of heart. 130 miles of road through desert that falls more that 100 feet below sea-level. Great for going fast on your way to Las Vegas ;-)

June Lake Loop: A short 15-mile loop,if you are staying near Mono Lake you can travel south on Hwy 395 and follow signs to June Lake Loop. Carved by glaciers, this scenic drive passes June Lake and Gull Lake through some amazing mountain scenery.

King's Canyon (hwys 180 and 198): These roads will take you through some of the most breathtaking views of ancient giant sequoia trees (the redwoods). THIS ROAD IS OFTEN CLOSED In WINTER, but is a beautiful and exciting drive all other times. Not a great idea for trailers.

Twenty Nine Palms (HWY 68): Winding it's way through Joshua Tree National Park, Twenty Nin palms highway has breathtaking desert scenery without the punishing climate of death valley. The 10 will lead you right back out to the ocean!


Call West Coast Car Insurance today to discuss how we can make your dreams of touring more affordable and well-protected with some great auto insurance quotes. We offer free car insurance quotes, free auto insurance quotes, and auto insurance to every person under the sun in the golden state.

If you get caught ridin' dirty in your flossy classic impala (if you receive a D.U.I. in your Chevy), chances are we can still get you quality auto insurance as well, take a look at our 'Tough To Insure' page for more advice, or give us a call and get your free car insurance qupte over the phone in as little as 5 minutes!








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